Thursday, December 31, 2009

America puts the CULT in culture…

Individualism is a corpse deep within the rot, that is Human Condition…

The tragedy is not the person who chooses the wrong path, the tragedy is the individual unaware of another path…

Keeping it Maverick

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tailored for self disdain,

I witness the letters come upon the computer screen…

Questioning the ability of a Maverick…

The Questioning is for not…

Because my ability is limited by the Temperature that exists outside these walls, that scourge the designs of my morbid artistic Visions,

(Where The Fuck is the Global Warming???)

Within my being exists an anxiety due to inactivity cursed upon me due to circumstance, yet impatience & insecurity plague my body…

I feel I am Voiceless & To Be Voiceless, is To Be Powerless…

Thus, I wonder, how may I reclaim the Power circumstance has robbed from me & I concluded by writing upon the Blog…

One might ask what does this have to do with AMERIKAN ZOMBIE…

A part of being the Anti-Zombie is understanding oneself…

To purge deep within your own being, search every spiritual crevasse & turn over every rock, that may contain anger, bitterness The fallacies of the Human Psyche…

because our outlook or perspective on People & life is projected by a sadist projectionist who wishes to enslave you or Zombify your existence & break you into a state of Zombie…




There are so many influences that encourage this Zombie State of Mind.

Media, Government, Fuck it, In A Couple Words Society & Culture…

It’s a lactating Whore with AIDS, spreading her INFECTION all over The Faces of her clients & the Infection takes off, well like AIDS in a Fuck Happy Society who doesn’t use condoms, well, like AfriKa…

End Analogy...

However, To Continue…

To truly be Free, one has to be AWARE…

You have to recognize Human Nature…

To truly become MAVERICK you have to recognize the Beast within…

Then you’ll become AWARE of the Beast that is Human Nature… That is The AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.

Keeping it Maverick

Friday, December 25, 2009


I am a Prisoner of The Bier that is the limitations their Amerika has placed upon me...
Or do you feel as if you are a Slave to a System? A system that ignores the populace and is dependent on Ignorance to form it's ZOMBIE NATION...
Resurrection is a reawakening...
Reawaken and Witness their AmeriKa,
Rise Within The GraveYard and be a Witness to the travesty of The AMERIKAN ZOMBIE...

Keeping it Maverick

Friday, November 6, 2009

Window Into My Soul

Fight The Infection…

What is a blog supposed to be?

Partisan bullshit, a location where deviants go to mask in their ideology, ignoring the fact others may disagree with them & these individuals, so bitter, egos so bruised, allow that bruised bitter process, dictate where from within the psychology of that individual the Ideology is coming from. A skewed, angry, bitter location, traveling to a destination wearing broken goggles…

Or is it an Escape, a place of materialistic writings about Nothing… Pop Culture bullshit, I don’t care, get away from the streams, find some depth… it’s a myth you can’t drown in streams, our culture is drowning as I type.

Talk about bullshit Politics. Screaming @ a screen like it’s Listening, nobody will hear an individual voice among the static or Zombie groans.

I don’t want to be a TOOL who blindly follows anything or anyone. I want to be the philosopher, not the follower nor the Leader, but the thinker. I neither want to be the Shepard or the sheep; I want to be the owl upon the treetop pondering & hoo hooing.

Open minds, are open to corrosion. A closed mind + PRIDE is a mentality that will never result in salvation.

Blind Ideologies will lead you over a cliff, into a constant fall, no revolution, just a broken individual with influences coming from every crevasse of the brain, your heart either coal or bleeding, you are either human or “Zombie”, it really is our choice.

To identify this particular blog.

It’s me and my reflections in you. It’s the exploration of our culture or KULT-ture… exploration of myself through you, I’m also the Paul Revere Screaming Wake Up!!! Awaken from this Zombie-like Daze. Because I see cause & effect, I see the consequences of peoples misdirection’s.

I SCREAM @ You with bloody Tears falling out of my Heart. I claim I hate you, but the truth is, the reason for my anger is because of love & I know you are hurting yourself & them who love you, & it breaks my heart & I want to reveal my inner pain and reflect physical pain upon myself, & say this is what Christ would do.

Your life is valuable, your mind priceless beyond words, you are not a part of a group or a horde, you are truly special & savable, & beautiful, your beauty knows no limits.

All you have to do is Let Go, let go of the pain, be brave & let go of those Ideologies that have misled you. Go deeper, stray away from those streams. Become a Philosopher,

You don’t have to be a great writer, God, knows I’m not. One could read anything I’ve written & highlight imperfections in grammar or words misspelled or even a line that doesn’t make any sense, or maybe some people don’t understand the language I speak, perhaps it’s too fresh, straight from the soul to screen, I don’t censor myself & my proof reading skills aren’t that great, because I want this shit fresh, I want it real for you, or maverick… Because you know I like Keeping it Maverick…

This is me. This is my blog, my calling, to hurt, feel your wounds, it’s not Broken skin but a broken soul. Hopefully we’ll mend that spirit, allow the charcoaled heart to pump blood once again. Recognize every individual for who they truly are & not what they were.
Now you are my witness, you’ve seen me, without knowing my face. But you know me, can you say that about most people you meet? I don’t think so. That’s the Zombie you are seein. But beyond is something more, beyond their scars, there is innocents still… People could have explored your physical body & not known you in the way you know somebody when they let you in… if someone lets you in, do whatever it takes to help mend their wounds & if you are to abuse that trust, God will damn you to a special part of hell, but not before karma’s henchmen hunt you down like the beast you are.


Truth Is The Answer To Infection…

Keeping it Maverick

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scribblings & Nonsense

Fight The Infection

Cure the infected.

If you look into the mirror ask your self, how deep does your infection ferment.

The root... the root is the beginning, one must peer upon thy self and speak and ponder the roots of oneself.
it's all in the roots.
where one births something grand.
fool yourself later in life because of something when you were sprouting in whatever community you became a seed and broke ground.
a meaning or a phrase has roots.
everything and everyone has roots.
to begin to understand oneself or another one has to learn the root and the process in which it does grow..

Keeping it Maverick

Post Script

These are just scribblings of nonsense from a confused beast. Whatever this mind screams I write in it's purity and honesty..

The Terrorist’s Messiah

The World Zombie reveals,
once again,
that Obama is in their interest and not that of America’s interest.
The Nobel Peace Prize is only one illustration that Obama is an international President, instead of the President of the United States of America.
One might ponder, why a President can’t be liked abroad and at the same time within these Untied States of America?
Because the World is full of Envy & the World wishes that America were at their level,
The eagle always soared alone and to surrender to the will of the Global community is un-American.
There are no exceptions, America, the beacon of Freedom does not rub shoulders with Iranian Tyrants while Freedom fighters march on Iran, in the face of Brutal backlash & even harsher oppression & consequence.
It’s not shaking the Hands of another oppressor @ the Summit of Americas, accept a book from this communist's brute hands & then pose for a photo op, holding the book meant to School the American “Leader” on Government.
He’s going to school our President on Government!!! Great…
Liberal stooge, Obama, you are the President of the Untied States.
In Political talk tell Chavez to “Go Fuck Himself”.
Many of us have a Fear of our President’s fondness toward Communist Regimes.
Cozening up with Hugo or flying the Chinese Flag on a Holiday does not help that.

A lot of us Fear his sympathies with Islamic states,
It is not a comfort when The American President begins his Presidency with a Global Apology Tour.
That is very unacceptable & Un-American.
Then there is the situation with the U.N.
One must Question if Islamic Leaders don’t see a Friendly individual in Obama.
if you are a sensible American not blinded by Party & or Ideology one cannot help but to question, The Islamic Worlds admiration of Obama and appreciation that Obama was elected.
Perhaps the Admiration comes from the great perceived Fleecing of America, perhaps best Represented by comments of Muammar Gaddafi @ the U.N. while giving his speech paraphrasing Obama’s own stump speeches & slogans, when Gaddafi said "The election of Obama is the beginning of change."
That wasn’t where the disturbing Praises ended. Gaddafi also referred to Barack Hussein Obama as “our son” & “our Obama”
He also said "We are content and happy if Obama can stay forever as the president,"
This coming from a Man who allegedly financed Lockerbie Bombing, responsible for the Destruction of 270 innocent lives.

Muammar Gaddafi’s Praises of Obama followed the release the Terrorist Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi a Libyan, who was convicted of his role in the Lockerbie Bombing and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, On 20 August 2009, the Scottish Government released him on compassionate grounds to return to Libya to a Heroes Welcome.

No Doubt the Nobel Peace Prize committee, gave him a Prize for not being George W. Bush.
However if John McCain would had won the Presidency he wouldn’t get a Prize… He would get Spite like America has always received Spite from the Rest of the World, unless their State is staring into the Face of the Fiery Beast of threat of Occupation or Genocide.
So to the Point, The Nobel Peace Prize isn’t a Prize at all.
It’s an open handed bitch slap across Obama’s Face saying Thank You for not being George W. Bush… Thank you for not being a stern Leader for the cause of FREEDOM…
THANK YOU “our son”, “our Obama”
Obama, In becoming the World's Stooge, I Fear he has become The Terrorist’s Messiah... God Help Us ALL..

Fight The Infection

Keeping it Maverick

Monday, September 28, 2009

THE JOURNAL - First Entry

The first journal entry from what I call the “compound”. It’s a minuscule barn in the middle of nowhere, my journal is written upon a bible that’s pages has long faded, not from substantial use, quite the opposite, the pages are tight, as if it’s never been open.

The ink must of felt the neglect of humanity and faded like the ghost of Christ in this ZOMBIE NATION.

Out there, the infestation is thick.

The mediums the “AMERIKAN ZOMBIE” used to indoctrinate the populace was, well effective, of course it would be, everyone watched TV, or listened to the radio & industry had it to where we, as human beings didn’t need God, or faith, we were self sufficient, there wasn’t room in our lives for that stuff, word of mouth, butchered our culture…

It Happened so fast… the corruption of mind & souls, I fight off ravenous tears just pondering the day.

The AMERIKAN ZOMBIE made the line between right and wrong vanish, & the SEVEN DEADLY SINS absolute. Some of us however didn’t forget our roots, or personal ethics or codes. I call us who were immune “Mavericks” others got caught up in the hopelessness & indoctrination.

Oh well, there will be time enough for looking backward. Now as darkness falls & I can barely see these words I’ve written, I shall stay incarcerated another night in this damned barn, hunt down a critter or two amongst this decaying hay & survive, survive another night because, in this moment surrounded by the smell of musty ole hay, that what I can do, is Survive. So, I’ll do what I can do,

In the name of… HUMANITY.. I’ll write a post when time permits, infringe my scribes on these secrete pages of this bible until the END.

Someone has to document the Zombie apocalypse; It’s the beginning of the ledger about the beginning of the END...

Keeping it Maverick

Monday, September 14, 2009


While this is my first blog based upon an event that I can recall, I shall write with honesty & humor, The 2 H’s we as Americans need a little more of.

I once wrote a Blog, titled “Tears of our Fathers” Or at least I thought I did, but never mind that, if I had I would have posted a subtitle “They were Happy Tears” Because of what I witnessed on Project 9/12.

The Quincy Tea Party was a magnificent event, God bless, the MAVERICKS who traveled the unholy Ghetto that is Quincy & came to express concern over the Culture corrupting, Big Zombie Government & an Administration Feasting upon the American Dream.
The Dream is Screaming, Obama’s ZOMBIE EYEZ glistening over the blue states, because apparently the ZOMBIE bleeds blue, I know, Green is the new Red, but I claim the blue for the obvious portrayal of Republican states being the color of blood and blue being the color of a sort of freedom… blue sky, blue ocean etc...

Born America… On the day of the election of Barack Hussein Obama… The Infection had Zombified a Majority & this Great Nation was reborn the AmeriKan Zombie.
But not September 12th of 2009.
The day following the “anniversary” of that horrific act of Terrorism that found it’s way into our buildings & History books September 11th

I was accompanied by my wife & spent most of the day learning the Tea Party experience with Dave Dunbar (President of ACTIVE MISSOURI) & his son Michael.
We ventured the Washington Park grounds, where the Lincoln/Douglas debates were held, meeting the great people who had traveled from all over for the Event.

The Propagandist Media will mark it’s signature of Disgust of the American Spirit they witnessed that fine day.
2 million + MAVERICKS stood up in D.C. to Make a Statement.
Their deception of ignorance or the Claim of cannot deny the Peoples voice any longer, & no T.V. anchor already confused about his own sexuality can taunt or dismiss it any longer by calling it “Tea Bagging” CNN, CBS, ABC and the rest of the Propagandist Media can No longer ignore the True Will of the People.

Because the silent Majority has spoken and it has spoken with a Roar…
And to the Political spinners who find joy in playing their little Political games, The People told you to Shut Up & Don’t Tread On Me.
The Truth becomes clear when you are apart of the Lie.
I was there, Quincy & I’m still waiting for my check.
The idea individuals were paid to be there, is Ludicrous, & in D.C. as well, if the Liberal conspiracy is real & the insurance companies are paying the people to Protest.
Then we know who’s going to need Obama’s next “bail out” because that’s a lot of people and a lot of Money.
The Great people who was present September 12th were 100% concerned regular Americans.
Great People with their signs (that were written in Marker) and lawn chairs, It was a Family affair.
There wasn’t evil Men in Black Suits thrashing about like an Acorn employee trying to get an ill-educated, homeless members of Society to get their Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama elected.

The left reflects their own tactics on the other side. When in Truth, America is in a Rebirth.
A rebirth of Attention and American Values.
Rest In Peace Apathy, because America is paying attention.

I can be a combative individual, a devil in disguise when certain mental triggers are activated, but there was nothing nor no one to tweak those senses,
These Americans were amongst the best this Country had to offer & it made me proud to be an American. The only K in America present was the one I wore on my shirt.

Many truths were spoken at the event.
The speakers were Great & their accessibility was stunning, immediately follow Andrew Breitbart’s speech I approached him while he was walking through the crowd & apologized for a past misunderstanding I had about him.
I wondered out loud if he understood his importance within the movement.

As one tenet to avoid the oblivion of the Zombism, is to live life contrary of the seven deadly sins.
Therefore I had to condemn Pride & realize the reality of this man.
He is a Good Man, a Committed Man, he’s a Truth Teller and a True believer.
I would argue with great credibility he and Glenn Beck are the most Influential Conservative voices in America Today.
With their aid the Voice is ours once again, it belongs to the people.
He is fully committed to every individual who cares about the direction of our Country, & Andrew Breitbart will passionately fight for every individual's Right to the American Dream.


Another Maverick voice who spoke to us, The People, was Dana Loesch, if their was a show stealer it would have been her.
Her Passion was obvious & encouraging, her words not only nicked the nerves of Truth, but severed them.
We in the Movement would be wise to Empower her influence in the cause, she is a great Spokeswoman.

One thing I learned was a huge point of Diversity within This Movement.
True Diversity is the Diversity of ideas, though many people from many different ethnic backgrounds was present including a Hispanic woman who carried a sign concerned she left Chavez’s Venezuela and entered a system aspiring to become that of which she fled.

What separates the Right from the Left, from Party to a street of Protest is Diversity. Though, The left’s protests/riots maybe more “colorful” it is all 1 mind, There is no diversity in opinion or views, again it’s 1 philosophy.
However at a rally like the 9/12 Tea Party in Quincy there was true Diversity of ideas & if you expressed an unpopular opinion among the Mom & Pop crowd of the 9/12 Protest in Quincy Illinois, like advocating Communism or flying the hammer & sickle sign you would exit as you entered, an unharmed idiot.

It was an Experience that I enjoyed massively, it was a Location where I truly felt I belonged. Yes, even a Politically incorrect, foul mouth, disrespectful Asshole like me would be accepted amongst the pleasant & generous American Patriots who sought to send a message to Washington that says,
“Don’t Tread On Me”

Keeping it Maverick

Some others who were Keeping it Maverick was also People like Dana Loesch, Andrew Breitbart and the rest of the speakers, whom after they spoke, literally sweated it out & mingled amongst the People.
God bless them, it was a Grand ole Time & it would be my pleasure to go to another in the Future.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Into The SLUMS

I'm in Quincy... Ignorance is a plauge, here in Quincy Illinois. It's morality is twin to the shit in a cess pool.
Liberalism run amok. The Democratic signature scares the tissue of this historic town... The educational system is run down and where there isn't a church for the Hypocrits to act a fool, there is a bar, for the drunks to drown within their broken society.
Quincy is the perfect example of the Hip Hop culture corrupting the youth, diversity is a poisen, a town where one should feel safe has been converted into a sin city that has no ethnic idedenity nor moral compass.
Bad politics and bad influence has turned Quincy into a ghetto.
It is a Perfect Place to Make a Statement.

Keeping it Maverick

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Laypersons Scrutiny of Our America & It’s Prospects 4 a Better Tomorrow

8 22 2009,(The Day of Protest) was just one example of the beginning of the End of the Obama-Nation.
This Government will attempt to smear Great Patriots as nutty right wing terrorists, but our word, by our example, peoples visions will reject their perspective.
A firm MESSAGE was sent to the Politicians who are beating our Freedoms down.
On this day or any other day, we will not stand by & let you or your cronies rape our nation to fit your Agenda.
Your view of America is an America, that is counter to the vision our Forefathers had for this Great Nation.
Our Government wasn’t supposed to be such a massive entity or bear so much Power.
Jefferson feared the day the Government would control Americans, so much he advocated Violence to avoid Tyranny.
We as Americans want the same results through more Peaceful Means, therefore we Protest.


And we aren’t going anywhere, we are right here & we will shape this horrid President’s Legacy.
He will be known as the President that brought Americans to rise up against a Government, That is no longer the People’s,
& We Will Rise, in masses, Through Peaceful Means, to reclaim what is ours, what legally belongs to us, the American People.
The Spirit of Reagan is upon us, we feel his passion for this Nation and we do not want to lose it to an ideology America has spilled so much blood, to defend others from.
The spirit is present, but the Leadership is not, ignorance has plagued the population and elected officials no longer represent the Zombie Culture that elected them.
But are bought and paid for, by a false public opinion perpetrated by a Media that falsely portrays America as more progressive in it’s thinking, but the truth is John Wayne and Ronald Reagan are American Icons, not Edward R Murrow or Walter Cronkite, No, they are the Media Elite’s Icons, again falsely perpetrated by the Media, who believe the only America that exists is the Liberal Fantasy Land they’ve created for the American People.
This nation’s love of American Tradition and American Principle is still an enormous part of this Nation, America, unlike any other Country in the World, American Spirit & Tradition is born out of the roots of American History and a History, despite the faults, We The People, True Americans, hold so dear.
Unfortunately a moment of time, we as Americans wasn’t paying enough attention,
We, out of our indifference allowed a Media to mislead us, their intent is to oppress a people through biased reporting & half-truths, to reclaim our Nation we must undermine this Media & overthrow our Government with information & the Vote.
Don’t allow anyone to tamper with our Rights, especially with our Right to Vote & have our Vote count.
That’s why it is important to celebrate grassroots organizations that stand up to the special interest group Thugs, who may attempt to silence the concerns of many Americans.
These groups give me Hope, that perhaps we can overtake a Government not with a Reagan like Leader, but a sentiment or the Spirit of Ronald Reagan that exists within us all.
When American spirit speaks, they have no choice but to listen.


All praise to the Tea Parties and patriots who shout down their elected official in a town hall meetings, America wasn’t born out of civil obedience but the blood of those who attempted to thwart the American Vision, So the insults thrown toward the American Patriot who Questions their Representatives by The Enemies Within, be it the Media or Politicians are unfounded & what they deem as a wee bit hostel, it’s democracy at work and that’s why they resent it so…
We The People know you will Ignore us, if we don’t get in your face.
We The People will not lie down any longer.
We The People will call you on your Lies.
Get used to it, this time you’ve gone to far & again, we aren’t going anywhere.
You will be held accountable.
Again, Hear the Warning: Your worse nightmare has become reality; America once again cares about what you are doing to our country and the Direction you are taking our beloved Land.
No more of your Weapons of Mass Distraction.
America is paying attention, and you will be held accountable.

Keeping it Maverick

Sunday, August 16, 2009



MISSOURI Active is attempting to get out the message of The MISSOURI DAY OF PROTEST,VIA FLIERS & are calling onto Missourians to become ACTIVE & Bring AWARENESS to the people of Missouri about THE MISSOURI DAY OF PROTEST.

learn more about the PROTEST here: ACTIVE (ACCDF) The American Constitution and Capitalism Defense Front who's mission is to maintaining the foundational principles of the United States of America, as initiated by its Declaration of Independence and realized by its Constitution and economic system of free-market capitalism.
Is an organization about ACTION.
It is led by Pat Dollard, who left his Comfortable Life in Hollywood. To tell the truth about what was going on in IRAQ.
He shot a Documentary titled "Young Americans Documentary" which tells the story through the perspective of Pat & the American soldier.

ACTIVE isn't your traditional pick & sign organization.
The ACTIVE member is more of a PEACEFUL WARRIOR than the traditional PROTESTER.


Protest the System by PAINTING your town with those Fliers…



August 22, 2009


Keeping it Maverick

Thursday, August 13, 2009



"August 22, 2009: A Date That Will Live In Liberal Infamy"

A message from the St. Louis Tea Party to the concerned citizens of Missouri to get out & PROTEST their elected officials over at their offices, Noon August 22, 2009.

Shout good ole fashion Conservative American values at the offices on August 22, 2009 & at the town hall meetings, get right in their ugly, lying un-American Faces.
Quote the Constitution & the Bill of Right.
Post Fliers, Get the message out.
The Facts are on our side, The Documents Support our Position, The American Position.
Let people know about the day “That Will Live In Liberal Infamy” & Protest the System by PAINTING your town with the Fliers that have been popping up all across Missouri…


August 22, 2009


Support the Cause:

Keeping it Maverick

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


With all this Obama care talk,
Could forget the reason for the anger is because it may “ration” health care & pick & choose who lives or dies.
The elderly are scared that the ole so anti death penalty Liberal, might sentence them to death, Which is the problem with the new “N-WORD” Socialism/Communism.
The good news is the People are rising up against the administration’s Socialist agenda in Town Hall meetings all across The Nation.
However the Media is trying to undermine the people’s stand, by calling The People bitter & old or even claiming that The People are plants by the republicans and or insurance companies, and we know how they reacted to the Tea parties, or as Anderson Cooper called it “Tea Bagging”
But there seems to be a group of people, who take exception to being scribed by the Media & Politicians, they have taken their message to the Streets, in the form of fliers depicting a red derailing train carrying the communist emblem sickle and hammer,
Topped with the Obama/white house emblem.
With a date beneath the image.
which I’ve heard is the Missouri day of PROTEST

I came across a flier while in Springfield, Missouri and they seem to be popping up in other Locations. Photo’s have showed up online from cities all around MO.
Most notably,
St. Louis (see photo ->)
Kansas City
+ What I witnessed in Springfield…
Could you imagine a old man printing out fliers and then posting them in major cities in Missouri, running away from the scene of pasting these things on buildings or posts with their Kane in the air??
Yeah, me neither.
It seems the Obama takeover of private business & the advancement of bad ole fashioned Socialism has touched a nerve with the younger peeps.
Keep an eye out
Let me know if they pop up in a Town near you.
There are a lot of concerned Americans out there, I don’t see this sort of thing stopping anytime soon, nor should they.
If WE THE PEOPLE are undermined by our elected officials and the media that’s supposed to keep them in check.
Then WE THE PEOPLE has to MAKE A STATEMENT through other Vehicles.
I APPLAUD the people shouting down our elected officials at these Town Hall Meetings and I applaud these “youths” who are garnering support and spreading the Message through these Fliers.
It’s Peaceful Protest, nobody can fault these people for doing that, and if the Government does have a problem with it, then,


If you have had enough of our diminishing freedoms…
Save the image your self & tape it where the people can see it, Paint your Town in them & spread the message of the Missouri Day of Protest, tell your friends, Have them post a few. Lets,
How far can WE THE PEOPLE be Pushed??

Keeping it Maverick

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Cure For The Infection Is The Truth

All right, lets be honest, the congress of the 2000’s isn’t the 2nd continental congress.
Meaning, the character isn’t present within the halls of congress any longer.
The congress was once a mature body of people, I mean Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin & others, of course I can’t name them all, because I am a product of the public school system.
But these MEN were Adults. Politics wasn’t a game.
It wasn’t Made 4 T.V. Politiks.
It was a serious thing to be a congressman back in the day & to be appointed to be one of the committee of five, was ulcer & vomit inducing pressure.
But today, what does the congress represent???
Other than themselves, party & government.
The congress people of today are a depressing group of individuals compared to the 2nd continental Congress who declared independence from imperial Britain.
Really, hang in there with me.
The likes of a Bernie Frank compared to Thomas Jefferson.
I just had to swallow vomit,
the thought of suicide popped into my head by putting a corrupt individual & corrupt politician in the same sentence as Thomas Jefferson.
But as a NATION we have to look at this. What caliber of Men & Women we are electing into Congress. How about Speaker of the house, she who Speaks for the House of Representatives, who supposed to speak for the people of the United States of America. Look at the wicked witch of the West & then take a look at Thomas Jefferson,
Nancy Pelosi You Are No Thomas Jefferson.
I know it’s all MADE 4 T.V. News & it seems the Amerikan People elect these ZOMBIE Men & women for entertainment value.
It sure as hell isn’t because they are qualified.
The point I am getting at is.
If, & that’s if Dick Cheney told the CIA to keep the congress out of the loop,
do you blame him?
It’s made 4 TV bullshit.
The congress leaks like a waterfall & we are in midst of a War, where the other party has no problem playing politics with.
At some point one has to ask themselves are they putting Party first or Country & I think we all know the answer to that.
The bottom line Cheney & the Bush administration was fighting a War & this government & this Congress looks after Party before Country,
These days they’re no friends in politics.
They smile at you shake your hand with one hand and in the other they are slipping secret Intel to a media who has their agenda that mirrors that of the opposition.
I don’t blame Cheney. I feel sorry for him, where this country has gone. If it involves counter terrorism I want the Adults working on it, not the children who have turned the Halls of Congress into a nursery school.

Keeping it Maverick

P.S. Speaking of Great Men I wanted to remind everybody this is the anniversary of Tony Snow's death & to celebrate his attitude for life & to honor his bravery & to Remember The Man, The Gentleman Tony Snow

Thursday, June 11, 2009


AMERIKAN ZOMBIE is the system.
It’s the broken system borne out of the minds of great men corrupted by much lesser men, which I refer to as AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
They live for the system.
The HORDE lives for the system & the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.

Thursday, May 21, 2009



Keeping it Maverick


The thunder rumbles over the shack.
The boom shakes the foundation of this rundown old shack.
Rain fallows, falling like tears from a knowing God of what is about to come.
A recess in my soul I need, but only the seclusion from the Zombies this ole shack allows, but in truth the infection bleeds through these walls.

Fight The Infection

The sun comes out and I decide I should come out as well.
The founder of the MAVERICK should resist the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
He shouldn’t be in hiding, he should face these Zombies and collapse their institutions.
Bring down their Hypocrisy, Collapse their belief in nothingness.
Bring Care into their Apathy.
But a MAVERICK’S voice only carries so far within this Zombie Nation.
One’s voice is lost within the ZOMBIE groans.
OH How deafening are the Zombie’s moans.
One’s mind acts as an echo chamber.
Their mediums are many to Spread their Infections.
It’ll be a FIGHT.
A FIGHT to get the blood pumping once again through their Black Hearts.
To reintroduce individual thought into the Zombie Minds.
A Hell of a Fight indeed.
Offer the OH so sought after Cure for the infection.

The Cure.

The Cure For The Infection Is Truth…

Keeping it Maverick

Thursday, April 30, 2009



The Infection is Spreading. The people living together, oblivious of one another, Living is a gracious word. But they are coexisting with one another, apathetic of one another. Bats in a Cave,
The Infection is Spreading.




Keeping it Maverick

Thursday, April 16, 2009


The DADDY (Government) has spoken through their voice boxes (T.V. Screens) that we should remain silent and allow this FATHER’S oppression and bribery.
I have written about how the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE Publik bows to the Alter of Government.
While a few MAVERICK citizens grasp on to their FREEDOM. And the PRINCIPLES of Said FREEDOM guaranteed by the Constitution of these once United States of America.
Once united by said Constitution.
The Constitution bounds together these United States of America like the seams hold the flag together.
To Guarantee the health and the fabric of the Land.
The MAVERICKS stood up and spoke out against the Bribery.
Recreating what GREAT PATRIOTS did at the ORIGINAL TEA PARTY in Boston On December 16, 1773.
Yesterday April 15th 2009, In an act of unity, REAL AMERICANS stood up all across the NATION to send a message to These Divided States of Amerika.
But the out of touch Government and the government/corporate MEDIA mocks the voice of the People and they are offended that the indoctrination did not take.
Individuality is the CRIME.
The AMERIKAN ZOMBIE frowns upon Independent Thought.
That’s why it is so important the MAVERICKS keep MARCHING and on JULY 4th stand against bribery and in doing so, STAND UP AGAINST THE AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.


Keeping it Maverick

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


These divided states of this SOCIALIST nation.
Read it upon the activity pit.
The days counting down to the ELECTION of
THE ONE V. The Old Man.
I was the online Paul Revere.
Shouting all through the webs Obama was the long lost child of Karl Marx.
But the voice amongst the moans can carry only so far within this ZOMBIE NATION.
Many were calling calm in a moment of perceived crisis.
But the ZOMBIE acts on impulse.
They will not adhere to sensible thinking.
Again acting on impulse to get it’s fill.
They perceived rescuer through a more powerful SOCIALIST “Daddy” Government.
Again the zombie sold our freedom for the Green.
The ZOMBIE no longer bleeds red.
In this modern world ruled by the infection of SIN.
The AMERIKAN ZOMBIE bleeds green.
It’s economy over culture. It’s greed over soul.
This is your AMERIKA. This is the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE



Keeping it Maverick

Thursday, March 19, 2009



There you go ZOMBIES.
Imagine the mindless AMERIKAN ZOMBIE with a self-satisfied tard smile attempting to clap while moaning and groaning.
Venturing down the ZOMBIE aisles of WAL-MART, every picture of the ZOMBIE mis-LEADER Obama ZOMBIE MAN is one of him flaunting that SMILE.
Everyone Pretending everything is OK.
The Media still shocked they got this YOUNGSTER elected.
They turned Obama into a Product.
He Became a TREND. And one way to captivate an AMERIKAN ZOMBIE is to turn something into a TREND or a “MOVEMENT” Because the ZOMBIE will dump any RIGHT or WRONG or LOGIC to fit in with the HORDE.
Now his old brand of liberalism or socialism is hurting the ZOMBIE wallet.
In a time where all these ZOMBIES had to do is feed on their fingernails but they decided to continue to feed upon the people during the economic woes and the banking crises.
The Government of These Divided States of Amerika tax during a recession.
Same ole ZOMBIE tricks.

Oh the Zombifikation.

Fight The Infection
But the infection has spread into the Hearts of everyone.
It has now become to what degree are you INFECTED.
Because we are all Exposed to the ZOMBIE.
We all are infected to the extent by GREED and the over consumer-NATION of our culture.
Capitalism has been the best man-made experiment.
But like everything Man has created.
The ZOMBIE corrupts it.
But today the Zombifikation of our culture results in the abuse of Capitalization.
Which results in the abuse of the soul.
Which results in the absence of the soul.
And the ZOMBIE’S only purpose is to exist to produce for the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.

Do not sloth over material things.
Have you ever thought about what it was like before the SYSTEM existed the way it does now.
Your life based on a ticker on cable news.
You’re a victim of a politician hundreds miles away.
Who doesn’t know you.
Who represents your interests without even knowing what your interests are.
Who can’t shake your hand without men all around armed to the teeth,
Watching, waiting, waiting for the sheep to bite the Wolf.
In their eyes you are guilty until your city they flee to another city and give the same stump speech to a new horde.
Out of sight out of mind.
Once the so called “Representive of the people” turns his buttered head from you.
It’s out of sight out of mind.

AMERIKAN ZOMBIE is the system.
It’s the broken system borne out of the minds of great men corrupted by much lesser men, which I refer to as AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
They live for the system.
The HORDE live for the system & the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
The Original purpose of life has become corrupted to the suit tie and routine.
It’s a culture without PRINCIPLE.
A lost culture.
Don’t bow down to the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
Don’t bow down to the Alter of Government.
Don’t bow down to your fellow MAN.
Don’t enter into the re-education camp, to learn the purpose they set forth for you.
Don’t become a member of the HORDE.
Don’t bow down to the Church of Academia.
Don’t become a part of the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
Become the ANTI-ZOMBIE.
Exist in your MAVERICK ways of life of an independent minds and individuality.





Keeping it Maverick

Monday, March 2, 2009



The ZOMBIE is on the prowl.
Hands out lusting to FEED.
Original ZOMBIES go after RED.
Today the ZOMBIES are SLAVES to the GREEN.
The ZOMBIES look to make the GREEN to fund their ZOMBISM, but the PRIDE LEADER the MISLEADERS are seeking to fund their ZOMBISM to keep, the populace, the AMERIKAN ZOMBIES funding and growing the POWER of the GOVERNMENT of THESE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERIKA.
Pay the toll for your RIGHT TO LIVE.
Tax, Tax, Tax.
“Yes sir”
The sheep shall shout in the form of a moan.
The Shepard answers with Silence.
For the AMERIKAN PEOPLE are the TOOLS of this Government.
Do you REALIZE when you pay your taxes to keep the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE GOV. UP, you are truly paying for your FREEDOM.
It is no longer to fund the Government to foreign threats at bay.
It is no longer to save a town ravaged by DISASTER.
It IS so bored, power hungry ZOMBIE Politicians can TAX, TAX, TAX and TAX more, to buy out Corporate Amerika as they have with these “bail outs” and to waste money, YOUR MONEY on things that may go against your belief System, that is if you haven’t given everything that is you, your total belief system to the ALTER of GOVERNMENT.
If you are not yet fully Indoctrinated.
We are all INFECTED if INFECTION is caused by EXPOSURE
Sadly now the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE elects these officials to control their lives.
The Government of these divided states of Amerika needs YOU.
He wants you to PAY more taxes to BAIL the GOVERNMENT owned and ran CORPORATE AMERIKA OUT.
He wants you to fund them so they’ll be able to continue to fund this government of THESE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERIKA in a time of PANIC.
Pay for your PERMIT to exist within this Government DICK-TATED society.
Protest, Protest, Protest,
Protest the INFECTION.

Truth Is The Cure For Infection

Fight The Infection



Keeping it Maverick

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


An important ingredient for the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
Every one of the seven deadly sins includes a form of apathy.
It should be the 8th deadly sin.
Zombism is born out of apathy, apathy for oneself, for another.
Which gives birth to the other deadly sins.
A zombie feeds upon the flesh, thoughtless of others.
With nothing but Apathy for the effects on the culture or the state of mind of another individual.
Apathy is humanity’s biggest sin.
If I was to define AMERIKAN ZOMBIE in one word.
It would be APATHY.

Keeping it Maverick

Friday, February 13, 2009


A maverick observing this Fucked up society, this 1 thought 1 mind society.
In other words, the Zombies are many in numbers, but just 1 thought plauges their ZOMBIE minds.
One example of the Government is just too fucking big is that you may read an article and go holy shit, look at all this money.
$827 billion dollars.
That’s what it takes to stimulate “the economy” so you’ll be able to fund the almighty Government.
And YEESH, the bailouts
The Government of these Divided States of Amerika now owns corporate Amerika.
Be a witness, you’ll observe the destruction of what our founders attended.
They shit on their graves.
The AMERIKAN ZOMBIE graffiti’s their propaganda upon their monuments, their writings, OUR CONSTITUTION.
Fight the Infection.
Be a MAVERICK of our time and say I am aware. I am not a TOOL, I am not an AMERIKAN ZOMBIE, witness it upon my chest


it says I AM AWARE. I do not exist to fund your ZOMBIE agenda. I’ll not be one of the many who destroys individuality.
Upon my chest is the


again it says I AM AWARE. I’m a MAVERICK in the cause.

Also upon this chest is the


It says I AM AWARE of the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE and I’m a MAVERICK in the cause.
Fuck your indoctrination.

And upon my back is the


again it says I AM AWARE.
I’ll not be an AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
Fuck your Village.
I’ll not be an AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
Fuck your one mind one thought society.
I’ll not be an AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
I’ll not be a TOOL that keeps the system going.
THE system that says “live for me, exist for me, function for me, fuck happiness slave for the SYSTEM.
Move it forward, become a slave to the paycheck.
Zombie for the paycheck.
Zombie for the System.
Don’t Question.
Because questions will fuck with the routine.
Be heard.
Every zombie hungering for a bone.
FUCK THEM and FUCK THEIR HUNGER, fuck their lust.
Do what's right for the MAVERICKS.
BE the anti-Zombie.
Become truth.
Become the Cure.

Don’t be a TOOL.


Keeping it Maverick

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Zombies on Parade


Let me hear the collective groans.


I a maverick wish to disinfect you.
You’re not a TOOL of a thought process that does not possess individual thought.
You are 1 in a million NOT 1 of the million.
Your mind is 1 mind amongst millions of minds.
Cherish that mind for it is Golden.
It is the closest thing to the divine here upon this corrupted Earth.
Cherish your thought for it is an individual’s thought.
Be skeptical when the masses collapse before an individual and there isn’t a coherent reason why.
Be skeptical of a word or Slogan.
Be very skeptical of those who chant said slogans.
The mindless or the weak of mind will blindly follow a trend.
Not knowing nor caring why.
Learn your history, you’ll witness it through the pages of time and then look up from that book and you’ll recognize what is happening.
The Zombies are on Parade….
Marching forth…
The mindless following without QUESTION closely behind.
Is there reason to their madness?
They believe they are apart of something historic and nothing is going to ruin the buzz.
Especially not the T-word.
Truth to the politician is like the crucifix to the Vampire.
Because the cure for the infection is truth.
The Amerikan Zombie does not want you to know the truth.
Because they don’t want you to be cured.
Because if you become enlightened to what they truly are.
You’ll begin the Maverick process of Questioning.
Questioning the SYSTEM.
Questioning the minds running the SYSTEM.
Questioning who do they represent.

Do they represent the people as attended or do they represent something else?
THEMSELVES and the entity known as GOVERNMENT.

Corporations and people are the respirator of the Amerikan Zombie.
Made for T.V. politics produced to Mislead the people.
The Medium in which the Amerikan Zombie gets its message out.
I say FIGHT THE INFECTION but I’m but a voice upon a hill and my voice can carry only so far before muted out because of the Zombie groans.
But I shall try.
I shall try.

Keeping it Maverick

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tag that fucking Wall.
It’s better than tagging that fucking ZOMBIE FACE. Violence isn’t the answer. But we got to fight the infection. The infection of big government intervening in every body’s lives. Government becoming the CEO of corporate AMERIKA and the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE media telling us it is OK…
It’s not OK… It’s not fucking OK…
Don’t be a Tool.
Don’t MOAN to their drumbeat.


A maverick of the NATION.
Fight for what is right and look inside yourself. Beyond the indoctrination of Media. Beyond the infected Tool Teachers who themselves are indoctrinated, who spiel the gush taught to them before the church of Academia.
You know what’s right.
Have you fooled, believing production is happiness.
Happiness is a smile upon the soul.
It isn’t a suit and tie and a routine.
Everyday is exactly the same.
Is there truly happiness in that?
The system is set up for you to exist and produce so the system will function.
You are here to keep the gears moving.
Oh the almighty…
The almighty isn’t God anymore.
The Government of These Divided States of Amerika is NOW the almighty.
If there is no biblical God who then is GOD?
Is god the most powerful being?
Is that not the lame mans definition of GOD? POWER…
If there is no GOD then MAN is GOD.
I won’t accept that… and neither should you and those who don’t understand that are infected.

Keeping it Maverick

Monday, January 26, 2009


AMERIKAN ZOMBIE is not me. I'm but a little MAVERICK in the cause.
AMERIKAN ZOMBIE is a PROTEST as well a description of Society. It is man. It is the indoctrination of young minds. It is living a life without purpose and your value is determined by your production, what you contribute into the system to keep the engine running. Every system is set up like a chess game, a monarchy, the KING is the Government and people are pawns to slave for a system.
AMERIKAN ZOMBIE is definition of mass thought. It's POP CULTURE, mass thought without thought. The genocide of the Individual.

The Sign of AMERIKAN ZOMBIE, or the ANTI-ZOMBIE CULTURE would be the SIGN OF THE MAVERICK or the WICKED GRIN. WICKED because in a WORLD GONE WRONG isn't the MAVERICK the ONE who is doing RIGHT & RIGHT IN WRONG is in a sense WICKED or so the picture is painted.

It is about expression through clothing and the arts and reminding people that TOOLS they are not. AMERIKAN ZOMBIES they ought not be. It's the awakening. The oh so sought after cure in the movies. It's the answer to INFECTION. It's capturing what America was supposed to be. The vision of the Fathers of our nation. LIFE, LIBERTY and HAPPINESS. It's about replacing the K with a C and becoming America once again.

Become AWARE and become the,


Keeping it Maverick

Wednesday, January 21, 2009



The zombie Nation.

Groaning & singing the night away. Their mouths are blind. They speak no truth only the voices of the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE that echoes within their minds.
One grand AMERIKAN ZOMBIE media orgasm.
The jizz coming out of every hole of the Zombie’s body.
Kenye was choking on jizz.
Sway’s dread locks were dripping jizz.
Oprah gained 200 more lbs. Of f of jizz.
The whole fucking T.V. was overflowing with jizz.
ABC Jizzed
NBC Jizzed
CBS Jizzed
FOX Jizzed
CNN,MSNBC & even FoxNews was all jizzed up & Fuck MTV and HBO and all the cum soaked ZOMBIE suits behind all this bullshit Propaganda.
Cum guzzling ZOMBIE media.
Stupid ZOMBIE celebrities with Jizz running all down their plastic faces.
Blindly following slogans with their chants. OPEN YOUR EYES. Admire the guy but remember he’s just a man, other than becoming a political prostitute.
Not only does one fucking party own every broken branch of Government. Butthe inauguration or the degeneration proves the media is fully zombified.It is infected. Will there be any accountability from these ZOMBIES?
Time will only tell….
I doubt it.
FUCK MCCAIN & FUCK OBAMA neither represents the People.
Both only represent themselves & these Divided States of their Zombie Amerika.

Keeping it Maverick

Tuesday, January 20, 2009




JANUARY 20th 2009


Day of The Dead.

The day the Zombies





As a little Maverick in the Cause social disorder I have avoided In The Name of the Protest of the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
This little Maverick has ventured the shadows and marked the World in quiet protests.
But as the ZOMBIE NATION gets LOUDER, My Protests will become louder. I’ll No longer only stalk the truth online spreading the Maverick Message.
The Night before the Election I was the modern day Paul Revere I rode into Town warning of the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE’S coming.
In this NATION the Mavericks have fought to maintain their voice above the groans of the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE. But the Amerikan Zombie Media has INFECTED the People of this Nation. I hope for America’s sake The Mavericks have the strength in numbers to take down The Amerikan Zombie.
The Old Man’s Socialism we could have survived.
In four years a voice of the MAVERICK would have risen from the debris and it would have been like a Rebirth of the Spirit of Ronald Reagan.
But now the branches of the Dead Tree of Government will dominate.

Checks and balances ARE THE ANTI-ZOMBIE

The Branches of that Dead Tree are all Infected with the Same Thought, for he is The Amerikan Zombie’s Chosen One, so their will be no checks and balances.
Again, Checks and balances ARE THE ANTI-ZOMBIE.
There will be no Voice of opposition powerful enough to control the Expansion of Big
Government. Hopefully Maverick action speaks louder than the Zombie Groans and we can preserve what America was supposed to be.
Because I fear even 4 years of The Amerikan Zombie’s Chosen One,
America may lose the vision of the Forefathers FOREVER.
And then will come the ERA of an uncompromising Amerikan Zombie
The Fight won’t be over but the Maverick will be a voice in an even darker Forest.



But it will no longer be preserving the American Way.

Hopefully The Maverick is Louder.


Keeping it Maverick