Wednesday, January 21, 2009



The zombie Nation.

Groaning & singing the night away. Their mouths are blind. They speak no truth only the voices of the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE that echoes within their minds.
One grand AMERIKAN ZOMBIE media orgasm.
The jizz coming out of every hole of the Zombie’s body.
Kenye was choking on jizz.
Sway’s dread locks were dripping jizz.
Oprah gained 200 more lbs. Of f of jizz.
The whole fucking T.V. was overflowing with jizz.
ABC Jizzed
NBC Jizzed
CBS Jizzed
FOX Jizzed
CNN,MSNBC & even FoxNews was all jizzed up & Fuck MTV and HBO and all the cum soaked ZOMBIE suits behind all this bullshit Propaganda.
Cum guzzling ZOMBIE media.
Stupid ZOMBIE celebrities with Jizz running all down their plastic faces.
Blindly following slogans with their chants. OPEN YOUR EYES. Admire the guy but remember he’s just a man, other than becoming a political prostitute.
Not only does one fucking party own every broken branch of Government. Butthe inauguration or the degeneration proves the media is fully zombified.It is infected. Will there be any accountability from these ZOMBIES?
Time will only tell….
I doubt it.
FUCK MCCAIN & FUCK OBAMA neither represents the People.
Both only represent themselves & these Divided States of their Zombie Amerika.

Keeping it Maverick

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