Saturday, February 7, 2009

Zombies on Parade


Let me hear the collective groans.


I a maverick wish to disinfect you.
You’re not a TOOL of a thought process that does not possess individual thought.
You are 1 in a million NOT 1 of the million.
Your mind is 1 mind amongst millions of minds.
Cherish that mind for it is Golden.
It is the closest thing to the divine here upon this corrupted Earth.
Cherish your thought for it is an individual’s thought.
Be skeptical when the masses collapse before an individual and there isn’t a coherent reason why.
Be skeptical of a word or Slogan.
Be very skeptical of those who chant said slogans.
The mindless or the weak of mind will blindly follow a trend.
Not knowing nor caring why.
Learn your history, you’ll witness it through the pages of time and then look up from that book and you’ll recognize what is happening.
The Zombies are on Parade….
Marching forth…
The mindless following without QUESTION closely behind.
Is there reason to their madness?
They believe they are apart of something historic and nothing is going to ruin the buzz.
Especially not the T-word.
Truth to the politician is like the crucifix to the Vampire.
Because the cure for the infection is truth.
The Amerikan Zombie does not want you to know the truth.
Because they don’t want you to be cured.
Because if you become enlightened to what they truly are.
You’ll begin the Maverick process of Questioning.
Questioning the SYSTEM.
Questioning the minds running the SYSTEM.
Questioning who do they represent.

Do they represent the people as attended or do they represent something else?
THEMSELVES and the entity known as GOVERNMENT.

Corporations and people are the respirator of the Amerikan Zombie.
Made for T.V. politics produced to Mislead the people.
The Medium in which the Amerikan Zombie gets its message out.
I say FIGHT THE INFECTION but I’m but a voice upon a hill and my voice can carry only so far before muted out because of the Zombie groans.
But I shall try.
I shall try.

Keeping it Maverick

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