Thursday, March 19, 2009



There you go ZOMBIES.
Imagine the mindless AMERIKAN ZOMBIE with a self-satisfied tard smile attempting to clap while moaning and groaning.
Venturing down the ZOMBIE aisles of WAL-MART, every picture of the ZOMBIE mis-LEADER Obama ZOMBIE MAN is one of him flaunting that SMILE.
Everyone Pretending everything is OK.
The Media still shocked they got this YOUNGSTER elected.
They turned Obama into a Product.
He Became a TREND. And one way to captivate an AMERIKAN ZOMBIE is to turn something into a TREND or a “MOVEMENT” Because the ZOMBIE will dump any RIGHT or WRONG or LOGIC to fit in with the HORDE.
Now his old brand of liberalism or socialism is hurting the ZOMBIE wallet.
In a time where all these ZOMBIES had to do is feed on their fingernails but they decided to continue to feed upon the people during the economic woes and the banking crises.
The Government of These Divided States of Amerika tax during a recession.
Same ole ZOMBIE tricks.

Oh the Zombifikation.

Fight The Infection
But the infection has spread into the Hearts of everyone.
It has now become to what degree are you INFECTED.
Because we are all Exposed to the ZOMBIE.
We all are infected to the extent by GREED and the over consumer-NATION of our culture.
Capitalism has been the best man-made experiment.
But like everything Man has created.
The ZOMBIE corrupts it.
But today the Zombifikation of our culture results in the abuse of Capitalization.
Which results in the abuse of the soul.
Which results in the absence of the soul.
And the ZOMBIE’S only purpose is to exist to produce for the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.

Do not sloth over material things.
Have you ever thought about what it was like before the SYSTEM existed the way it does now.
Your life based on a ticker on cable news.
You’re a victim of a politician hundreds miles away.
Who doesn’t know you.
Who represents your interests without even knowing what your interests are.
Who can’t shake your hand without men all around armed to the teeth,
Watching, waiting, waiting for the sheep to bite the Wolf.
In their eyes you are guilty until your city they flee to another city and give the same stump speech to a new horde.
Out of sight out of mind.
Once the so called “Representive of the people” turns his buttered head from you.
It’s out of sight out of mind.

AMERIKAN ZOMBIE is the system.
It’s the broken system borne out of the minds of great men corrupted by much lesser men, which I refer to as AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
They live for the system.
The HORDE live for the system & the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
The Original purpose of life has become corrupted to the suit tie and routine.
It’s a culture without PRINCIPLE.
A lost culture.
Don’t bow down to the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
Don’t bow down to the Alter of Government.
Don’t bow down to your fellow MAN.
Don’t enter into the re-education camp, to learn the purpose they set forth for you.
Don’t become a member of the HORDE.
Don’t bow down to the Church of Academia.
Don’t become a part of the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
Become the ANTI-ZOMBIE.
Exist in your MAVERICK ways of life of an independent minds and individuality.





Keeping it Maverick

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