Thursday, April 16, 2009


The DADDY (Government) has spoken through their voice boxes (T.V. Screens) that we should remain silent and allow this FATHER’S oppression and bribery.
I have written about how the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE Publik bows to the Alter of Government.
While a few MAVERICK citizens grasp on to their FREEDOM. And the PRINCIPLES of Said FREEDOM guaranteed by the Constitution of these once United States of America.
Once united by said Constitution.
The Constitution bounds together these United States of America like the seams hold the flag together.
To Guarantee the health and the fabric of the Land.
The MAVERICKS stood up and spoke out against the Bribery.
Recreating what GREAT PATRIOTS did at the ORIGINAL TEA PARTY in Boston On December 16, 1773.
Yesterday April 15th 2009, In an act of unity, REAL AMERICANS stood up all across the NATION to send a message to These Divided States of Amerika.
But the out of touch Government and the government/corporate MEDIA mocks the voice of the People and they are offended that the indoctrination did not take.
Individuality is the CRIME.
The AMERIKAN ZOMBIE frowns upon Independent Thought.
That’s why it is so important the MAVERICKS keep MARCHING and on JULY 4th stand against bribery and in doing so, STAND UP AGAINST THE AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.


Keeping it Maverick

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