Thursday, May 21, 2009


The thunder rumbles over the shack.
The boom shakes the foundation of this rundown old shack.
Rain fallows, falling like tears from a knowing God of what is about to come.
A recess in my soul I need, but only the seclusion from the Zombies this ole shack allows, but in truth the infection bleeds through these walls.

Fight The Infection

The sun comes out and I decide I should come out as well.
The founder of the MAVERICK should resist the AMERIKAN ZOMBIE.
He shouldn’t be in hiding, he should face these Zombies and collapse their institutions.
Bring down their Hypocrisy, Collapse their belief in nothingness.
Bring Care into their Apathy.
But a MAVERICK’S voice only carries so far within this Zombie Nation.
One’s voice is lost within the ZOMBIE groans.
OH How deafening are the Zombie’s moans.
One’s mind acts as an echo chamber.
Their mediums are many to Spread their Infections.
It’ll be a FIGHT.
A FIGHT to get the blood pumping once again through their Black Hearts.
To reintroduce individual thought into the Zombie Minds.
A Hell of a Fight indeed.
Offer the OH so sought after Cure for the infection.

The Cure.

The Cure For The Infection Is Truth…

Keeping it Maverick

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