Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Cure For The Infection Is The Truth

All right, lets be honest, the congress of the 2000’s isn’t the 2nd continental congress.
Meaning, the character isn’t present within the halls of congress any longer.
The congress was once a mature body of people, I mean Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin & others, of course I can’t name them all, because I am a product of the public school system.
But these MEN were Adults. Politics wasn’t a game.
It wasn’t Made 4 T.V. Politiks.
It was a serious thing to be a congressman back in the day & to be appointed to be one of the committee of five, was ulcer & vomit inducing pressure.
But today, what does the congress represent???
Other than themselves, party & government.
The congress people of today are a depressing group of individuals compared to the 2nd continental Congress who declared independence from imperial Britain.
Really, hang in there with me.
The likes of a Bernie Frank compared to Thomas Jefferson.
I just had to swallow vomit,
the thought of suicide popped into my head by putting a corrupt individual & corrupt politician in the same sentence as Thomas Jefferson.
But as a NATION we have to look at this. What caliber of Men & Women we are electing into Congress. How about Speaker of the house, she who Speaks for the House of Representatives, who supposed to speak for the people of the United States of America. Look at the wicked witch of the West & then take a look at Thomas Jefferson,
Nancy Pelosi You Are No Thomas Jefferson.
I know it’s all MADE 4 T.V. News & it seems the Amerikan People elect these ZOMBIE Men & women for entertainment value.
It sure as hell isn’t because they are qualified.
The point I am getting at is.
If, & that’s if Dick Cheney told the CIA to keep the congress out of the loop,
do you blame him?
It’s made 4 TV bullshit.
The congress leaks like a waterfall & we are in midst of a War, where the other party has no problem playing politics with.
At some point one has to ask themselves are they putting Party first or Country & I think we all know the answer to that.
The bottom line Cheney & the Bush administration was fighting a War & this government & this Congress looks after Party before Country,
These days they’re no friends in politics.
They smile at you shake your hand with one hand and in the other they are slipping secret Intel to a media who has their agenda that mirrors that of the opposition.
I don’t blame Cheney. I feel sorry for him, where this country has gone. If it involves counter terrorism I want the Adults working on it, not the children who have turned the Halls of Congress into a nursery school.

Keeping it Maverick

P.S. Speaking of Great Men I wanted to remind everybody this is the anniversary of Tony Snow's death & to celebrate his attitude for life & to honor his bravery & to Remember The Man, The Gentleman Tony Snow