Monday, August 24, 2009

A Laypersons Scrutiny of Our America & It’s Prospects 4 a Better Tomorrow

8 22 2009,(The Day of Protest) was just one example of the beginning of the End of the Obama-Nation.
This Government will attempt to smear Great Patriots as nutty right wing terrorists, but our word, by our example, peoples visions will reject their perspective.
A firm MESSAGE was sent to the Politicians who are beating our Freedoms down.
On this day or any other day, we will not stand by & let you or your cronies rape our nation to fit your Agenda.
Your view of America is an America, that is counter to the vision our Forefathers had for this Great Nation.
Our Government wasn’t supposed to be such a massive entity or bear so much Power.
Jefferson feared the day the Government would control Americans, so much he advocated Violence to avoid Tyranny.
We as Americans want the same results through more Peaceful Means, therefore we Protest.


And we aren’t going anywhere, we are right here & we will shape this horrid President’s Legacy.
He will be known as the President that brought Americans to rise up against a Government, That is no longer the People’s,
& We Will Rise, in masses, Through Peaceful Means, to reclaim what is ours, what legally belongs to us, the American People.
The Spirit of Reagan is upon us, we feel his passion for this Nation and we do not want to lose it to an ideology America has spilled so much blood, to defend others from.
The spirit is present, but the Leadership is not, ignorance has plagued the population and elected officials no longer represent the Zombie Culture that elected them.
But are bought and paid for, by a false public opinion perpetrated by a Media that falsely portrays America as more progressive in it’s thinking, but the truth is John Wayne and Ronald Reagan are American Icons, not Edward R Murrow or Walter Cronkite, No, they are the Media Elite’s Icons, again falsely perpetrated by the Media, who believe the only America that exists is the Liberal Fantasy Land they’ve created for the American People.
This nation’s love of American Tradition and American Principle is still an enormous part of this Nation, America, unlike any other Country in the World, American Spirit & Tradition is born out of the roots of American History and a History, despite the faults, We The People, True Americans, hold so dear.
Unfortunately a moment of time, we as Americans wasn’t paying enough attention,
We, out of our indifference allowed a Media to mislead us, their intent is to oppress a people through biased reporting & half-truths, to reclaim our Nation we must undermine this Media & overthrow our Government with information & the Vote.
Don’t allow anyone to tamper with our Rights, especially with our Right to Vote & have our Vote count.
That’s why it is important to celebrate grassroots organizations that stand up to the special interest group Thugs, who may attempt to silence the concerns of many Americans.
These groups give me Hope, that perhaps we can overtake a Government not with a Reagan like Leader, but a sentiment or the Spirit of Ronald Reagan that exists within us all.
When American spirit speaks, they have no choice but to listen.


All praise to the Tea Parties and patriots who shout down their elected official in a town hall meetings, America wasn’t born out of civil obedience but the blood of those who attempted to thwart the American Vision, So the insults thrown toward the American Patriot who Questions their Representatives by The Enemies Within, be it the Media or Politicians are unfounded & what they deem as a wee bit hostel, it’s democracy at work and that’s why they resent it so…
We The People know you will Ignore us, if we don’t get in your face.
We The People will not lie down any longer.
We The People will call you on your Lies.
Get used to it, this time you’ve gone to far & again, we aren’t going anywhere.
You will be held accountable.
Again, Hear the Warning: Your worse nightmare has become reality; America once again cares about what you are doing to our country and the Direction you are taking our beloved Land.
No more of your Weapons of Mass Distraction.
America is paying attention, and you will be held accountable.

Keeping it Maverick

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