Tuesday, August 11, 2009


With all this Obama care talk,
Could forget the reason for the anger is because it may “ration” health care & pick & choose who lives or dies.
The elderly are scared that the ole so anti death penalty Liberal, might sentence them to death, Which is the problem with the new “N-WORD” Socialism/Communism.
The good news is the People are rising up against the administration’s Socialist agenda in Town Hall meetings all across The Nation.
However the Media is trying to undermine the people’s stand, by calling The People bitter & old or even claiming that The People are plants by the republicans and or insurance companies, and we know how they reacted to the Tea parties, or as Anderson Cooper called it “Tea Bagging”
But there seems to be a group of people, who take exception to being scribed by the Media & Politicians, they have taken their message to the Streets, in the form of fliers depicting a red derailing train carrying the communist emblem sickle and hammer,
Topped with the Obama/white house emblem.
With a date beneath the image.
which I’ve heard is the Missouri day of PROTEST

I came across a flier while in Springfield, Missouri and they seem to be popping up in other Locations. Photo’s have showed up online from cities all around MO.
Most notably,
St. Louis (see photo ->)
Kansas City
+ What I witnessed in Springfield…
Could you imagine a old man printing out fliers and then posting them in major cities in Missouri, running away from the scene of pasting these things on buildings or posts with their Kane in the air??
Yeah, me neither.
It seems the Obama takeover of private business & the advancement of bad ole fashioned Socialism has touched a nerve with the younger peeps.
Keep an eye out
Let me know if they pop up in a Town near you.
There are a lot of concerned Americans out there, I don’t see this sort of thing stopping anytime soon, nor should they.
If WE THE PEOPLE are undermined by our elected officials and the media that’s supposed to keep them in check.
Then WE THE PEOPLE has to MAKE A STATEMENT through other Vehicles.
I APPLAUD the people shouting down our elected officials at these Town Hall Meetings and I applaud these “youths” who are garnering support and spreading the Message through these Fliers.
It’s Peaceful Protest, nobody can fault these people for doing that, and if the Government does have a problem with it, then,


If you have had enough of our diminishing freedoms…
Save the image your self & tape it where the people can see it, Paint your Town in them & spread the message of the Missouri Day of Protest, tell your friends, Have them post a few. Lets,
How far can WE THE PEOPLE be Pushed??

Keeping it Maverick

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