Monday, September 14, 2009


While this is my first blog based upon an event that I can recall, I shall write with honesty & humor, The 2 H’s we as Americans need a little more of.

I once wrote a Blog, titled “Tears of our Fathers” Or at least I thought I did, but never mind that, if I had I would have posted a subtitle “They were Happy Tears” Because of what I witnessed on Project 9/12.

The Quincy Tea Party was a magnificent event, God bless, the MAVERICKS who traveled the unholy Ghetto that is Quincy & came to express concern over the Culture corrupting, Big Zombie Government & an Administration Feasting upon the American Dream.
The Dream is Screaming, Obama’s ZOMBIE EYEZ glistening over the blue states, because apparently the ZOMBIE bleeds blue, I know, Green is the new Red, but I claim the blue for the obvious portrayal of Republican states being the color of blood and blue being the color of a sort of freedom… blue sky, blue ocean etc...

Born America… On the day of the election of Barack Hussein Obama… The Infection had Zombified a Majority & this Great Nation was reborn the AmeriKan Zombie.
But not September 12th of 2009.
The day following the “anniversary” of that horrific act of Terrorism that found it’s way into our buildings & History books September 11th

I was accompanied by my wife & spent most of the day learning the Tea Party experience with Dave Dunbar (President of ACTIVE MISSOURI) & his son Michael.
We ventured the Washington Park grounds, where the Lincoln/Douglas debates were held, meeting the great people who had traveled from all over for the Event.

The Propagandist Media will mark it’s signature of Disgust of the American Spirit they witnessed that fine day.
2 million + MAVERICKS stood up in D.C. to Make a Statement.
Their deception of ignorance or the Claim of cannot deny the Peoples voice any longer, & no T.V. anchor already confused about his own sexuality can taunt or dismiss it any longer by calling it “Tea Bagging” CNN, CBS, ABC and the rest of the Propagandist Media can No longer ignore the True Will of the People.

Because the silent Majority has spoken and it has spoken with a Roar…
And to the Political spinners who find joy in playing their little Political games, The People told you to Shut Up & Don’t Tread On Me.
The Truth becomes clear when you are apart of the Lie.
I was there, Quincy & I’m still waiting for my check.
The idea individuals were paid to be there, is Ludicrous, & in D.C. as well, if the Liberal conspiracy is real & the insurance companies are paying the people to Protest.
Then we know who’s going to need Obama’s next “bail out” because that’s a lot of people and a lot of Money.
The Great people who was present September 12th were 100% concerned regular Americans.
Great People with their signs (that were written in Marker) and lawn chairs, It was a Family affair.
There wasn’t evil Men in Black Suits thrashing about like an Acorn employee trying to get an ill-educated, homeless members of Society to get their Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama elected.

The left reflects their own tactics on the other side. When in Truth, America is in a Rebirth.
A rebirth of Attention and American Values.
Rest In Peace Apathy, because America is paying attention.

I can be a combative individual, a devil in disguise when certain mental triggers are activated, but there was nothing nor no one to tweak those senses,
These Americans were amongst the best this Country had to offer & it made me proud to be an American. The only K in America present was the one I wore on my shirt.

Many truths were spoken at the event.
The speakers were Great & their accessibility was stunning, immediately follow Andrew Breitbart’s speech I approached him while he was walking through the crowd & apologized for a past misunderstanding I had about him.
I wondered out loud if he understood his importance within the movement.

As one tenet to avoid the oblivion of the Zombism, is to live life contrary of the seven deadly sins.
Therefore I had to condemn Pride & realize the reality of this man.
He is a Good Man, a Committed Man, he’s a Truth Teller and a True believer.
I would argue with great credibility he and Glenn Beck are the most Influential Conservative voices in America Today.
With their aid the Voice is ours once again, it belongs to the people.
He is fully committed to every individual who cares about the direction of our Country, & Andrew Breitbart will passionately fight for every individual's Right to the American Dream.


Another Maverick voice who spoke to us, The People, was Dana Loesch, if their was a show stealer it would have been her.
Her Passion was obvious & encouraging, her words not only nicked the nerves of Truth, but severed them.
We in the Movement would be wise to Empower her influence in the cause, she is a great Spokeswoman.

One thing I learned was a huge point of Diversity within This Movement.
True Diversity is the Diversity of ideas, though many people from many different ethnic backgrounds was present including a Hispanic woman who carried a sign concerned she left Chavez’s Venezuela and entered a system aspiring to become that of which she fled.

What separates the Right from the Left, from Party to a street of Protest is Diversity. Though, The left’s protests/riots maybe more “colorful” it is all 1 mind, There is no diversity in opinion or views, again it’s 1 philosophy.
However at a rally like the 9/12 Tea Party in Quincy there was true Diversity of ideas & if you expressed an unpopular opinion among the Mom & Pop crowd of the 9/12 Protest in Quincy Illinois, like advocating Communism or flying the hammer & sickle sign you would exit as you entered, an unharmed idiot.

It was an Experience that I enjoyed massively, it was a Location where I truly felt I belonged. Yes, even a Politically incorrect, foul mouth, disrespectful Asshole like me would be accepted amongst the pleasant & generous American Patriots who sought to send a message to Washington that says,
“Don’t Tread On Me”

Keeping it Maverick

Some others who were Keeping it Maverick was also People like Dana Loesch, Andrew Breitbart and the rest of the speakers, whom after they spoke, literally sweated it out & mingled amongst the People.
God bless them, it was a Grand ole Time & it would be my pleasure to go to another in the Future.

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