Friday, September 11, 2009

Into The SLUMS

I'm in Quincy... Ignorance is a plauge, here in Quincy Illinois. It's morality is twin to the shit in a cess pool.
Liberalism run amok. The Democratic signature scares the tissue of this historic town... The educational system is run down and where there isn't a church for the Hypocrits to act a fool, there is a bar, for the drunks to drown within their broken society.
Quincy is the perfect example of the Hip Hop culture corrupting the youth, diversity is a poisen, a town where one should feel safe has been converted into a sin city that has no ethnic idedenity nor moral compass.
Bad politics and bad influence has turned Quincy into a ghetto.
It is a Perfect Place to Make a Statement.

Keeping it Maverick

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