Monday, September 28, 2009

THE JOURNAL - First Entry

The first journal entry from what I call the “compound”. It’s a minuscule barn in the middle of nowhere, my journal is written upon a bible that’s pages has long faded, not from substantial use, quite the opposite, the pages are tight, as if it’s never been open.

The ink must of felt the neglect of humanity and faded like the ghost of Christ in this ZOMBIE NATION.

Out there, the infestation is thick.

The mediums the “AMERIKAN ZOMBIE” used to indoctrinate the populace was, well effective, of course it would be, everyone watched TV, or listened to the radio & industry had it to where we, as human beings didn’t need God, or faith, we were self sufficient, there wasn’t room in our lives for that stuff, word of mouth, butchered our culture…

It Happened so fast… the corruption of mind & souls, I fight off ravenous tears just pondering the day.

The AMERIKAN ZOMBIE made the line between right and wrong vanish, & the SEVEN DEADLY SINS absolute. Some of us however didn’t forget our roots, or personal ethics or codes. I call us who were immune “Mavericks” others got caught up in the hopelessness & indoctrination.

Oh well, there will be time enough for looking backward. Now as darkness falls & I can barely see these words I’ve written, I shall stay incarcerated another night in this damned barn, hunt down a critter or two amongst this decaying hay & survive, survive another night because, in this moment surrounded by the smell of musty ole hay, that what I can do, is Survive. So, I’ll do what I can do,

In the name of… HUMANITY.. I’ll write a post when time permits, infringe my scribes on these secrete pages of this bible until the END.

Someone has to document the Zombie apocalypse; It’s the beginning of the ledger about the beginning of the END...

Keeping it Maverick

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