Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scribblings & Nonsense

Fight The Infection

Cure the infected.

If you look into the mirror ask your self, how deep does your infection ferment.

The root... the root is the beginning, one must peer upon thy self and speak and ponder the roots of oneself.
it's all in the roots.
where one births something grand.
fool yourself later in life because of something when you were sprouting in whatever community you became a seed and broke ground.
a meaning or a phrase has roots.
everything and everyone has roots.
to begin to understand oneself or another one has to learn the root and the process in which it does grow..

Keeping it Maverick

Post Script

These are just scribblings of nonsense from a confused beast. Whatever this mind screams I write in it's purity and honesty..

The Terrorist’s Messiah

The World Zombie reveals,
once again,
that Obama is in their interest and not that of America’s interest.
The Nobel Peace Prize is only one illustration that Obama is an international President, instead of the President of the United States of America.
One might ponder, why a President can’t be liked abroad and at the same time within these Untied States of America?
Because the World is full of Envy & the World wishes that America were at their level,
The eagle always soared alone and to surrender to the will of the Global community is un-American.
There are no exceptions, America, the beacon of Freedom does not rub shoulders with Iranian Tyrants while Freedom fighters march on Iran, in the face of Brutal backlash & even harsher oppression & consequence.
It’s not shaking the Hands of another oppressor @ the Summit of Americas, accept a book from this communist's brute hands & then pose for a photo op, holding the book meant to School the American “Leader” on Government.
He’s going to school our President on Government!!! Great…
Liberal stooge, Obama, you are the President of the Untied States.
In Political talk tell Chavez to “Go Fuck Himself”.
Many of us have a Fear of our President’s fondness toward Communist Regimes.
Cozening up with Hugo or flying the Chinese Flag on a Holiday does not help that.

A lot of us Fear his sympathies with Islamic states,
It is not a comfort when The American President begins his Presidency with a Global Apology Tour.
That is very unacceptable & Un-American.
Then there is the situation with the U.N.
One must Question if Islamic Leaders don’t see a Friendly individual in Obama.
if you are a sensible American not blinded by Party & or Ideology one cannot help but to question, The Islamic Worlds admiration of Obama and appreciation that Obama was elected.
Perhaps the Admiration comes from the great perceived Fleecing of America, perhaps best Represented by comments of Muammar Gaddafi @ the U.N. while giving his speech paraphrasing Obama’s own stump speeches & slogans, when Gaddafi said "The election of Obama is the beginning of change."
That wasn’t where the disturbing Praises ended. Gaddafi also referred to Barack Hussein Obama as “our son” & “our Obama”
He also said "We are content and happy if Obama can stay forever as the president,"
This coming from a Man who allegedly financed Lockerbie Bombing, responsible for the Destruction of 270 innocent lives.

Muammar Gaddafi’s Praises of Obama followed the release the Terrorist Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi a Libyan, who was convicted of his role in the Lockerbie Bombing and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, On 20 August 2009, the Scottish Government released him on compassionate grounds to return to Libya to a Heroes Welcome.

No Doubt the Nobel Peace Prize committee, gave him a Prize for not being George W. Bush.
However if John McCain would had won the Presidency he wouldn’t get a Prize… He would get Spite like America has always received Spite from the Rest of the World, unless their State is staring into the Face of the Fiery Beast of threat of Occupation or Genocide.
So to the Point, The Nobel Peace Prize isn’t a Prize at all.
It’s an open handed bitch slap across Obama’s Face saying Thank You for not being George W. Bush… Thank you for not being a stern Leader for the cause of FREEDOM…
THANK YOU “our son”, “our Obama”
Obama, In becoming the World's Stooge, I Fear he has become The Terrorist’s Messiah... God Help Us ALL..

Fight The Infection

Keeping it Maverick