Friday, November 6, 2009

Window Into My Soul

Fight The Infection…

What is a blog supposed to be?

Partisan bullshit, a location where deviants go to mask in their ideology, ignoring the fact others may disagree with them & these individuals, so bitter, egos so bruised, allow that bruised bitter process, dictate where from within the psychology of that individual the Ideology is coming from. A skewed, angry, bitter location, traveling to a destination wearing broken goggles…

Or is it an Escape, a place of materialistic writings about Nothing… Pop Culture bullshit, I don’t care, get away from the streams, find some depth… it’s a myth you can’t drown in streams, our culture is drowning as I type.

Talk about bullshit Politics. Screaming @ a screen like it’s Listening, nobody will hear an individual voice among the static or Zombie groans.

I don’t want to be a TOOL who blindly follows anything or anyone. I want to be the philosopher, not the follower nor the Leader, but the thinker. I neither want to be the Shepard or the sheep; I want to be the owl upon the treetop pondering & hoo hooing.

Open minds, are open to corrosion. A closed mind + PRIDE is a mentality that will never result in salvation.

Blind Ideologies will lead you over a cliff, into a constant fall, no revolution, just a broken individual with influences coming from every crevasse of the brain, your heart either coal or bleeding, you are either human or “Zombie”, it really is our choice.

To identify this particular blog.

It’s me and my reflections in you. It’s the exploration of our culture or KULT-ture… exploration of myself through you, I’m also the Paul Revere Screaming Wake Up!!! Awaken from this Zombie-like Daze. Because I see cause & effect, I see the consequences of peoples misdirection’s.

I SCREAM @ You with bloody Tears falling out of my Heart. I claim I hate you, but the truth is, the reason for my anger is because of love & I know you are hurting yourself & them who love you, & it breaks my heart & I want to reveal my inner pain and reflect physical pain upon myself, & say this is what Christ would do.

Your life is valuable, your mind priceless beyond words, you are not a part of a group or a horde, you are truly special & savable, & beautiful, your beauty knows no limits.

All you have to do is Let Go, let go of the pain, be brave & let go of those Ideologies that have misled you. Go deeper, stray away from those streams. Become a Philosopher,

You don’t have to be a great writer, God, knows I’m not. One could read anything I’ve written & highlight imperfections in grammar or words misspelled or even a line that doesn’t make any sense, or maybe some people don’t understand the language I speak, perhaps it’s too fresh, straight from the soul to screen, I don’t censor myself & my proof reading skills aren’t that great, because I want this shit fresh, I want it real for you, or maverick… Because you know I like Keeping it Maverick…

This is me. This is my blog, my calling, to hurt, feel your wounds, it’s not Broken skin but a broken soul. Hopefully we’ll mend that spirit, allow the charcoaled heart to pump blood once again. Recognize every individual for who they truly are & not what they were.
Now you are my witness, you’ve seen me, without knowing my face. But you know me, can you say that about most people you meet? I don’t think so. That’s the Zombie you are seein. But beyond is something more, beyond their scars, there is innocents still… People could have explored your physical body & not known you in the way you know somebody when they let you in… if someone lets you in, do whatever it takes to help mend their wounds & if you are to abuse that trust, God will damn you to a special part of hell, but not before karma’s henchmen hunt you down like the beast you are.


Truth Is The Answer To Infection…

Keeping it Maverick