Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Institution’s Weapon of Mass Distraction, it is to say, our predetermined fates created by those who gave themselves to Greed & built The Institution of ‘The Amerikan Zombie’ on The Non-Principles of The Seven Deadly Sins,
Obama isn’t The Leader, he answers to the Seven Headed Beast…

1. Represents Lust
2. Represents Gluttony
3. Represents Greed
4. Represents Sloth
5. Represents Wrath
6. Represents Envy
7. Represents Pride

This is ‘AMERIKAN ZOMBISM’, we through intellectual justification & Scientific Theory justify our most primitive “SINS” … We Separate ourselves away from any biblical speak or a code to live by… spirituality & or Principled behavior can be dismissed because Science exploring the obvious, describes humanity as a sort of animal… but attempt to avoid the major distinction between Humanity & The Animal Kingdom...

"It Is The Gods That Separate Us From The Animals"

Partner that with AmeriKan Politiks & we witness The Zombie On Parade

Keeping it Maverick

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