Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My philosophy & the philosophy
‘Amerikan Zombie’ is based upon
my own little brand of “Cultural Moralism”

I would define it as a Culture that requires some sort of belief of something more than just humanity… Morality is a requirement for a Society to Survive. It is the belief or theory of “The Corruptibility of Man”… an idea that if a Society is made up with a Man, as God or a morality based upon man’s judgment, will evolve to the Point Society will destroy itself.

The theory is that we are both animal & human… The Humanity portion represents a Spiritually coherent Creature… While Animal behavior can be discovered in Nature… its behavior Void of Conscience or Morality…

(Amerikan) Zombism – is behavior Void of Conscience or Morality…

Keeping it Maverick (;