Thursday, October 28, 2010

There is an ingredient within The Human Condition; that seeks to destroy itself; there is something within the Human Condition that carries Curiosity in everything taboo… The ‘Zombie’ will line up to the infinity & March The ‘SIN’ or Theory to The Point of Self Destruction...

Keeping it Maverick (;

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

“Sin” is Their Product; The Seven Deadly Sins vs. The Virtues; Virtues is what we “Mavericks” still hold Dear. The Seven Deadly Sins is what The “Amerikan Zombie” Institutions sell to The People; our founders knew a Culture is Lost if we lost Virtue & if it was replaced by economic Greed… John Adams was afraid we’d pick Greed over Duty to Country & his Fear has become realized; our System fails when Principle is nonexistent; which is why the Presence of the Seven Deadly Sins & Seven Virtues has a role in the “Amerikan Zombie” Protest & Ideology

Keeping it Maverick (;

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where “Zombie” ends and the ‘Maverick’ begins, is where the (Nihilistic) Animal Ends & the (Spiritually Conscious) Human Begins…
An ingredient of The “Amerikan Zombie” Protest is in a sense the exploration of where Religion or Spirituality Meets Society & The Concept of Humanities ability To Self-Govern…


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Friday, October 22, 2010

Real Change is a Shock To The System; To Question or to distinguish oneself from The (1 Mind, 1 Thought) Society throws The System into a State of Emergency.
To be a “Maverick” one has to possess Identity.

Who Are You?

What is your Purpose?

Keeping it Maverick (;

Thursday, October 21, 2010

This is a Movement or an awakening of sorts, not in the sense of joining Organized Religion, because in the A.Z. Philosophy Organized Religion or the term “Organized” or “System” is part of the problem; Due to the Corruptibility of Human Nature… With that said; Principle encourages a Life counter to The Seven Deadly Sins & Supports The Cultural Affect of The Teachings of Christ;
However, Remember, Christ Needs No Middle Man; knowledge is The Book;
Not a Mega-Church nor a megalomaniac Fear mongering Reverend...

Keeping it Maverick (;
The Theory of The Philosophy is that we all posses The Answers To Life…
if we rise Above Centuries of Indoctrination, Of Organization, such as Government, Industry and an Incorporated America that separates The Individual from their Soul or the Value of their Individuality…
We can Answer many Questions; possibly even the existence of God…

Keeping it Maverick (;
We are the lost Children of our founding Fathers; who built this nation on certain Ideals that “SIN” has corrupted. “SIN” I use in a certain Context… I define Sin by The Consequences it affects on our Culture… “Infection” is SIN of Man; The Wall toward deeper Discovery...

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sign of The Maverick

Maverick; Individual who doesn’t go along with group or party

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The “Zombie” of the “Amerikan Zombie” System is Spiritually Dead…
A “Maverick” is an individual who doesn’t go along with Group or Party
A Purpose of The Arts is to Challenge The Systematic Beast “Fight The Power” if you may; or in my slang or Metaphor “Fight The Infection”…
Art + “Amerikan Zombie” is to bring Awareness to People (Sight For The Blind To See)...

Keeping it Maverick (;

Monday, October 18, 2010

“Amerikan Zombie” Is Protest; it is an examination of Our Culture… It promotes change through Individuality; to Question the World that surrounds them & Reject the things Society or Political Correctness has deemed “taboo”, to put ones own “Infections” aside & Question the Oppression of The Mind.

Keeping it Maverick (;
The “Amerikan Zombie” Protest isn’t intended to be blatantly Political… The Philosophy that accompanies the Ideals are above any System… It condemns Man’s Systems, The “Zombie On Parade” the materialistic slaving for a System or Organization; a Life in constant March of Routine & One’s Mind is not their own (thus the Metaphor “Amerikan Zombie”)

Keeping it Maverick (;