Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The K within The Ameri(k)a (Amerikan Zombie) instead of the C within The written “America” is a sign of a Culture in Distress; much like an upside down American Flag on a battlefield.

The “Amerikan Zombie” Art is prominently in Black & White by design, this Represents Right & Wrong; the World is in Black & White; It is Infectious Mentality that grays shit up;
People fundamentally recognize Right & Wrong & make a conscious choice to defy it; a Nation of bobble heads; just nodding along.

Keeping it Maverick (;

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The “Parade”, show up to the dog & pony show; a “Made 4 T.V.” Election… but Remember it is Future; Not a T.V. show;
Family Dynasties don’t have a citizenry; Dynasties own Slaves.
Vote for Independence; Not Slavery; also limit their corruptibility; Vote Short Term; don’t create “God Kings”

Apathy = Self Destruct

Accountability is a Bullet 4 The Zombie

Culture Is Everything...

Keeping it Maverick (;
We are losing The “Heart” of America; if that Heart ceases To Beat; then we have become a “Zombie Nation” If Man Gives themselves to The System; If Man bows at The “Alter of Man”, where Man is deemed The People’s Savior; It will fail Because of The Nature of Man.

Keeping it Maverick (;